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PeaceBeUponYou aims at helping users become better Muslims by bridging them to inspirational and educational content. Developed by Madcat World, PeaceBeUponYou app features daily reminders, du'as, zikir and Islamic songs. The app also functions as a gateway to a variety of content of important topics such as adab, family, ramadan, social and women. Using PeaceBeUponYou app users can keep track of prayer times wherever they are, and, search for crowdsourced nearby musollas and halal restaurants. The content is available in English, Bahasa Malaysia and Bahasa Indonesia.

Key Features

Quote of the Day

This feature gives users access to daily quotes that they can share with friends and family members on social media networks as well as via email.


PeaceBeUponYou app lets users access to questions and answers concerning Islamic lifestyle. Topics include adab, family, fiqh, social and women.


Users get to access content that is based on a certain theme at a time. For example, content regarding fasting and related to Ramadan is featured on a daily basis throughout the holy month.


This feature connects users to a variety of content including zikir, recital of ayahs, and duas in text and audio/visual formats.


View the Emulsifier ingredients status according to halal reference.


Users get access to lists of crowdsourced information on nearest mosques and halal restaurants, courtesy of FourSquare.