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Welcome to PeaceBeUponYou!

by Nuraizah Shamsul Baharin

My name is Aizah and I lead the team at Madcat World (www.madcatworld.com ) that develops PeaceBeUponYou app.

PeaceBeUponYou is an app we built based on our wish lists of apps that would be useful to us as Muslims. As we were developing the features and researching the content, we learnt a lot of new things about our faith and we re-learnt things that we had forgotten. Sometimes, it is quite overwhelming to read the different views of our scholars, mainly due to our limited knowledge, so do forgive us if there are any misinformation in there though we have made all efforts to our best ability to ensure the correctness and present the differing views for the topics that do not have a definitive answer. We have also taken the liberty to collect articles and highlight inspiring videos – all credited back to the original authors.

It is our greatest hope that this app will help remind us on the joys of being Muslim in this challenging times. We cannot change the way the world sees Islam but we can change the way we see ourselves. Maybe this small step will spark a bigger change in the future, inshallah.

We welcome suggestions and ideas to keep improving our app. We thank all our existing partners and look forward to working with new partners to further increase our offerings in the spirit of knowledge sharing. Get in touch with us at http://www.peacebeuponyou.com.my/contact.html.

This first version of the app is only available on Android for now, do watch out for our release on iOS in July 2016. We will be adding on more exciting features soon, which includes community discussion and mobile marketplace.