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What did I mess up last Ramadan?

by Nuraizah Shamsul Baharin

2 weeks ago, I came across Nouman Ali Khan’s khutbah on Ramadan 2016 and as commented by the viewers, it was a heartfelt reminder and very timely. If I were to summarize – it would be “What did I mess up last Ramadan and what I can I do differently this Ramadan?”

Nouman said “delete the apps that are useless and do it now. Get rid of the entertainment input, even if you can’t stop it your entire life, stop it for Ramadan.” This was the one reminder that struck a chord with me, the one that I would find most difficult to do, usually having sahur was a good time to catch up on one episode of my favorite TV series. Last week, I came home, turned on my TV and it just died. My first thought was “Is this a sign?” Surprisingly enough, it has been 5 days without the TV and I am still surviving, could I do it for an entire month? Hmmmm. I am making my list on what I want to accomplish this Ramadan and hopefully that will strengthen my resolution.

Another year, another Ramadan. Let’s have the best Ramadan of our lives!