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Make Du’as every day

by Nuraizah Shamsul Baharin

I have been thinking hard about what I can do differently this Ramadan. Fortunately, while flipping channels I caught a snippet on Ramadan – the du’a of a person fasting will be answered. I am reminded again of what I had “forgotten”.

Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. said: “Three supplications will not be rejected, the supplication of the parent for his child, the supplication of the one who is fasting, and the supplication of the traveler.” (Al-Bayhaqi, al-Tirmidhi – Sahih)

What is it about fasting that makes it so special? It is a unique act of worship that we do just for Allah – no one will know if we fast or not, yet we do it coz we believe Allah knows. “Call upon Me, and I will respond to you” [60:40] So indeed, the du’a of a fasting person will be answered, yet why do I not get everything I asked for?

I remembered reading the answer to this question a long time ago – there are a few reasons for this. It is not that our du’a is not answered, it could be that the answer is not what we were hoping for. "It may be that you hate a thing though it is good for you, or love a thing though it is bad for you. Allah knows, but you know not." [2:216] Sometimes, it is a delay in the granting of the du’a as in the case of Prophet Musa a.s. “O Lord, destroy their riches and harden their hearts so that they persist in disbelief, until they face the painful torment.” [10:88] yet only after forty years were his prayers answered, "Your prayer is answered. Follow, both of you, the right path and do not walk in the footsteps of those who know not." [10:89]

So do not despair if you do not get an immediate response to your du’a, continue to pray and trust that Allah will provide what is best for you.